Our Other Featured Liquor Products

Whiskey & Bourbon

-Glenfiddich Scotch (aged 14 years)
-Cutty Sark Prohibition edition scotch whiskey
-Jameson Caskmates (Jameson aged in craft beer barrels)
-Pendleton Midnight
-FEW bourbon whiskey and rye whiskey
-Coopercraft Distillery Applejack (whiskey from apple mash)
-Evan Williams Single Barrel
-Cedar Ridge Oatmeal Stout and Peated single malt whiskey
-Cold Spell mint whiskey
-Buchanan’s 12 & 18 yr old Scotch
-Glenfiddich 12 yr old Scotch
-Crown Royal XR, regular and apple
-Johnnie Walker Black and Red
-Four Roses
-Rebel Yell Rye whiskey
-Bulleit regular and rye bourbon
-Serpent’s Bite apple cider whiskey


-Suerte in blanco
-Anejo and Extra Anejo
-Don Julio
-Jose Cuervo
-El Jimador


-CopperMuse Distillery Silver and Gold
-Captain Morgan
-Mount Gay
-Sailor Jerry
-Bacardi flavors
-Admiral Nelson

* Featuring: Seven Fathons Rum (Cayman Islands) - This extra special rum is aged in barrels 42ft underwater (hence the name), which allows the barrels to constantly move helping provide a depth of flavor and complexity not found in landlocked barrels.


-New Amsterdam


-Twenty Grand Vodka infused with cognac and peach flavors
-Pearl Lime Basil vodka (great for Moscow Mules!) also available in cucumber and pomegranate
Smirnoff Berry Lemon
-Smirnoff Root Beer Float-Ciroc
-Grey Goose
-Chopin (potato, wheat, and rye varieties),
-Ketel One
-Smirnoff flavors
-Burnett’s flavors
-New Amsterdam

Other Liquor

-Brown Jug Bourbon Cream (with a hint of maple, like maple Bailey's)
Captain Morgan Cannonblast (a shot that starts citrusy, and finishes a little warm and spicy)
- Domaine de Canton French Ginger Liqueur
-99 Schnapps flavors
- 3 Hundred Days of Shine Moonshine (Monument, CO)

Summertime Shooters

-Strawberry Lemonade
-Peach Cobbler
-Apple Pie
-Colorado Honey (100 Proof)

-Coole Swan - Irish Creme Liquor